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Cedar shingle roofs and roof cleaning in the Cape Cod area

Cedar shingle roofs are a great option to have on your home since they can last a lifetime. They can withstand high winds and also add a nice look to your home. Although the thing that can make them look bad is the fact that they have an open wood grain allowing various algae growths to take hold! Algae, Moss, Fungi, Lichen, Bacteria and Tannins will either make your roof look bad or most certainly cause premature deterioration. These growths must not be allowed to grow and propagate or you will be replacing your roof sooner than you should have to. There are various methods that can be used to clean a roof although not all of them are viable on every cedar roof. Our method is recommended by the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau (the authority on cedar) and is always effective and always viable! The answer is SoftWashing.
We apply a solution comprised of detergents and algaecides. These algaecides will kill off the various growths on your roof, which in turn will allow it to breath like …