Cleaning old and aging cedar roofs in Massachusetts

Not all cedar roofs in Massachusetts are strong!

There are many cedar roofs and cedar shingles all throughout Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Rhode Island and Southern Mass that are getting old! Cedar shingles can last 80 years or more if they are taken care of properly. Cedar shingles can also rot out in 20 years in some cases if Mother Nature takes over. Everything eventually comes back to the ground, Mother Nature always wins and when decomposition and Gravity combine this is the case. 
Some roofs that we look at for a cedar roof cleaning are very old or just haven't been taken care of properly. In a lot of cases they are very soft and can be snapped apart quite easily. Although this doesn't mean that the shingles need to be replaced. As long as they are still in tact and shedding water than your best bet is to give them as much help as you can. Most cedar roofs in this condition are covered in algae growths along with lichen, fungi, moss and bacteria. When all of these growths are on cedar shingles they cause premature degradation. These growths hold water and cause the shingles to be over saturated. How long do you think they will last if they are in constant contact with water?
Not long at all.
When cleaning cedar in this condition you need to be very careful. When A to Z Softwash cleans them we take extra care to be very gentle. We won't walk on them and most importantly we won't use any more than 40 PSI to apply our detergents. Once we properly treat all of the algae growth we never rinse them off, due to the connectors that attach them are still intact. These connectors could rip apart your shingles if they are forcefully removed! Also in order to rinse the dead algae off you would need more than 40 PSI and that alone can cause damage to your Cape Cod area roof. They will fall off all on their own once they decompose and the connectors become brittle. They fall off every single time.
A lot of insurance companies are telling their customers that they need to clean their cedar roofs and cedar siding due to algae build up. They do this because they know what algae build ups can do! If you get this phone call or just want to take care of your home please give the professionals at A to Z a call today. 508-209-7795


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