Cedar siding in Massachusetts

Cedar siding is an interesting thing to clean for us here at A to Z. Cedar can be natural, stained, dipped stain, painted and other things that should never have happened! Different finishes on the cedar shingles attract different growths, algae and mildew.
Here is a picture of a Pre-dipped cedar shingle, and another picture of what it looked like after we cleaned it.

At the very top (in the first picture) you can see natural clean cedar, in this case the stain has already worn away, but the soffit/ gutter area of the home has kept it fairly dry so the Black bacteria hasn't grown there. All of that black bacteria growth is ONLY on top of areas where there was still some stain left (but not for long). This is common and we have seen it many many times, the pre dipped cedar shingles attract a bacteria growth that is only seen with that stain!
Most home owners don't realize that the stain is supposed to be re applied to maintain that stained look, since we just cleaned this cedar it an now be restained if the owner decides to take that route.

Another common stain we see it called a solid body stain, this stain typically holds up well and lasts much longer.

Here is a picture of a natural white cedar shingle that never had any finish applied.

As you can see in the before picture there are areas that are black and areas that are gray. A common misconception is that cedar like this is "aged" but the truth is not so. The areas that are either gray or silver are indeed aging properly thanks to the UV rays of the Sun. Although the black is a fungus that is degrading the shingles rapidly. As you can see we were able to restore the siding so that it will last for many more years.
Natural cedar will show green, black and white fungi along with green algae, black bacteria and the list goes on! Most homes will have a green side, a black side, a fairly clean side and the last side can be a combination of the other 3. Have your siding cleaned as needed every 3 to 5 years to make sure it lasts a very long time.


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