Asphalt Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal Cape Cod

too Moss Removal and Roof Cleaning

Asphalt roofs, Cedar Roofs and Slate roofs all bare the brunt of Mother Nature. They get covered in all sorts of algae growth that makes them under perform and deteriorate.

A roof serves a couple different functions.
  1. To shed Water
  2. To Keep a house cool/warm depending on the season
1. It is obvious that a roof is supposed to shed water, and if a roof was being stopped from shedding water wouldn't you  want to correct that? When Rooftop moss and lichen build up they slow water from shedding off of the roof. It's as simple as that. Having those growths killed and removed will let a roof do what it is supposed to do! 

Another problem that the moss build up causes is that it will grow under the bottoms of the shingles, and as the growth enlarges it can lift the edge of the shingle up. Once that happens they are susceptible to being torn of in a windy storm. Of course they cause direct damage to the shingles but that is the most obvious problem so I won't go into that here.

2. Light colored roofs are great because they help keep a house cool during the summer. It has been proven that darker roofs cause attics to get 80% hotter (approximate) which affects your energy efficiency. So if your cedar roof is black or green and your asphalt roof is covered in streaks than having the cleaning done can almost pay for itself just in energy costs/ savings.

Insurance companies are canceling or threatening to cancel if roofs and siding are not cleaned. They have seen thousands of claims in the last couple years that are mainly due to algae growths on roofs that they are trying to stop the bleeding. We get these calls every day.

Roof Cleaning in Cape Cod, Roof Cleaning in Massachusetts and Roof Cleaning in Rhode Island and services that are very important. It's one of those things that is over looked until it is too late. Don't let this happen to you. Call us Today to get that roof working like it is supposed too. :)


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