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Cedar siding in Massachusetts

Cedar siding is an interesting thing to clean for us here at A to Z. Cedar can be natural, stained, dipped stain, painted and other things that should never have happened! Different finishes on the cedar shingles attract different growths, algae and mildew.
Here is a picture of a Pre-dipped cedar shingle, and another picture of what it looked like after we cleaned it.

At the very top (in the first picture) you can see natural clean cedar, in this case the stain has already worn away, but the soffit/ gutter area of the home has kept it fairly dry so the Black bacteria hasn't grown there. All of that black bacteria growth is ONLY on top of areas where there was still some stain left (but not for long). This is common and we have seen it many many times, the pre dipped cedar shingles attract a bacteria growth that is only seen with that stain!
Most home owners don't realize that the stain is supposed to be re applied to maintain that stained look, since we just cleaned this ceda…

Asphalt Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal Cape Cod

too Moss Removal and Roof Cleaning
Asphalt roofs, Cedar Roofs and Slate roofs all bare the brunt of Mother Nature. They get covered in all sorts of algae growth that makes them under perform and deteriorate.
A roof serves a couple different functions. To shed WaterTo Keep a house cool/warm depending on the season 1. It is obvious that a roof is supposed to shed water, and if a roof was being stopped from shedding water wouldn't you  want to correct that? When Rooftop moss and lichen build up they slow water from shedding off of the roof. It's as simple as that. Having those growths killed and removed will let a roof do what it is supposed to do! 
Another problem that the moss build up causes is that it will grow under the bottoms of the shingles, and as the growth enlarges it can lift the edge of the shingle up. Once that happens they are susceptible to being torn of in a windy storm. Of course they cause direct damage to the shingles but that is the most obvious problem so I …

Cleaning old and aging cedar roofs in Massachusetts

Not all cedar roofs in Massachusetts are strong!
There are many cedar roofs and cedar shingles all throughout Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Rhode Island and Southern Mass that are getting old! Cedar shingles can last 80 years or more if they are taken care of properly. Cedar shingles can also rot out in 20 years in some cases if Mother Nature takes over. Everything eventually comes back to the ground, Mother Nature always wins and when decomposition and Gravity combine this is the case.  Some roofs that we look at for a cedar roof cleaning are very old or just haven't been taken care of properly. In a lot of cases they are very soft and can be snapped apart quite easily. Although this doesn't mean that the shingles need to be replaced. As long as they are still in tact and shedding water than your best bet is to give them as much help as you can. Most cedar roofs in this condition are covered in algae growths along with lichen, fungi, moss and bacteria. When all…