Sealing Cedar Shingle Roofs in Cape Cod and Southern Massachusetts

We are often asked if we will seal a cedar roof, or a customers cedar siding. I understand why, people just want to maintain their property to the best of their ability. Every time I am asked I flat out say NO! We will never seal cedar when it is used on a building envelope. We have the capacity too, since we seal wood in other applications, but we listen to our experience and the bigger ups (CSSB) for all our information in how we maintain cedar. Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau (CCSB).

Cedar needs to breath so that moisture from under the shingles can evaporate, otherwise it will be locked under the sealer. Which would be disastrous, like leaving your cedar shingles in a puddle at all times. They will just rot away. I'll give you an example of how this can happen.... Lets say that it is winter and it is freezing outside, the inside of your house on the other hand will be warm (hopefully). In this situation a build of of moisture is very common. This moisture can be trapped IN the cedar if the surface has been sealed. The same goes for the Summer time when you have your AC running (conflicting temperatures).

That should set the record straight. :)

Now.... what options do you have?
We offer the application of a wood conditioner. This product we use is really great and has some excellent features. My favorite of it's features is that it has UV Blockers, so the cedar will have some protection from the sun (like sunblock for your cedar). It will also restore some oils back into your cedar shingles/ cedar shakes that will have been drawn out by the amazing drying power of the sun. The Conditioner is left to be absorbed by your wood so it really sinks in.

So what are the steps?
Call your local cedar roof cleaning company at 508-209-7795.
We will Softwash your Cape Cod area cedar shingles, thus killing off any algae, lichen and mold growth. Neutralize our detergents. Then on top of that if you'd like we can apply our Conditioner to your cedar shingles which will set you and your roof out on the best foot possible!

A side note, pressure washing cedar is a viable option. Although we choose to softwash which is a non pressure method. A new cedar roof has the structural integrity to be pressure washed, although most cedar roofs in Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard are not brand new and are actually pretty soft. They take a good deal of damage from Mother Nature. We know our methods can't ever cause damage so we opt for this route.


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