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Sealing Cedar Shingle Roofs in Cape Cod and Southern Massachusetts

We are often asked if we will seal a cedar roof, or a customers cedar siding. I understand why, people just want to maintain their property to the best of their ability. Every time I am asked I flat out say NO! We will never seal cedar when it is used on a building envelope. We have the capacity too, since we seal wood in other applications, but we listen to our experience and the bigger ups (CSSB) for all our information in how we maintain cedar. Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau (CCSB).

Cedar needs to breath so that moisture from under the shingles can evaporate, otherwise it will be locked under the sealer. Which would be disastrous, like leaving your cedar shingles in a puddle at all times. They will just rot away. I'll give you an example of how this can happen.... Lets say that it is winter and it is freezing outside, the inside of your house on the other hand will be warm (hopefully). In this situation a build of of moisture is very common. This moisture can be trapped IN the …